Modular Vehicle Retention System (MVRS)

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Modular Vehicle Retention System (MVRS)

Hodges Tactical is proud to announce the Modular Vehicle Retention System or MVRS. The MVRS is a game changer to not only the kydex industry, but the gun industry. Over the past few years, the kydex industry has grown tremendously. This prompted us to create a brand new product for the kydex market that will change the way you carry your firearm. This adapter allows the user to mount their Hodges Tactical IWB holster to the console or under the steering column. This adapter requires no drilling to mount the adapter. It adheres to the surface using an industrial grade, adhesive backed, Velcro strip. This Velcro allows clean and easy mounting to your car’s console. This Velcro also allows the adapter to easily be removed and re attached to the car. This product requires a Hodges Tactical IWB Holster (Holster Sold Separately) with our Rapid clip as the rapid clip clicks into the adapter. You simply slide the clip into the adapter. To remove the holster, you simply slide out the holster. The design is meant for the user to place their every day carry holster into the adapter while in the car, then place the holster back in their waistband when they reach their destination. This product has been thoroughly tested in the field, and in the South Florida heat for added durability against the adhesive. Please check your local laws before purchasing. Hodges Tactical is not responsible for actions you take in carrying and possessing a firearm. .