What is Kydex?

Kydex is a thermoplastic acrylic-polyvinyl chloride material. It’s essentially a sheet of heavy-duty, somewhat flexible, very durable plastic which, when heated, softens up like a slice of cheese. Once in cheese-state, it can be placed on top of objects and pressed to create holsters, sheaths, carriers, and more. Kydex is used increasingly in a variety of industries. It can be found in hospitals, aircraft and mass transit interiors, and is used frequently in the defense industry.


Why a kydex holster?

One thing there’s a lot of in the defensive world is holsters. Leather holsters, nylon holsters, in-the-waistband holsters, shirts with integrated holsters, drop-leg holsters, duty holsters… and of course, Kydex holsters. But what makes a Kydex better than an injected-molded commercial holster? Many things: they’re usually more concealable, more durable in some ways, waterproof, have more consistent retention, come in a variety of colors, and are usually lighter in weight. And Kydex is more customizable. You’re more likely to find a company willing to make a Kydex holster for your unconventional weapon system. Or weapon-system combinations, like weapons with flashlight or laser attachments. And then there’s color. Most holster companies offer any color you want as long as it’s black, but Kydex comes in a wide range of colors, including camouflage patterns.


Will kydex scratch my gun?

ALL HOLSTERS, no matter who made them, how much they cost, or what they're made of will wear your guns finish. Kydex will rather quickly wear the finish, but only on the areas where the holster is molded to actually contact the gun. This wear is self-limiting. It'll wear so far and not much more. It's common to see guns carried in Kydex that are worn to bare metal on contact points, but the rest of the gun looks like new. Kydex can be easily washed off with hot soapy water to clean it. Leather will wear a little slower, but since leather stretches and flexes, it'll make more and more contact over a much larger area and that will wear more and more of the finish over the entire gun. On guns carried in leather the finish will be worn bright on edges and the rest of the finish will be wearing thin. Leather can't be easily cleaned and the inside will allow dirt and grit to embed in the soft leather surface. That grit will wear and scratch the gun. As above, if you don't want any wear marks or scratches on your gun, never put it in a holster of any kind.


Do You Offer Rush Service?

Yes we do, to make your order top of the pile, please email us through the contact us section.